Blockchain Research

DragonLabs mainly focuses on blockchain research in order to bring the best experience to users and intends to develop blockchain applications for games, metaverse as well as real life.


Our goal is to make Vietnam the most ideal investment destination, DragonLabs aims at a more complete development for blockchain, wider application for startups.

In addition, DragonLabs deeply researches into blockchain applications for games and metaverse so they can be more complete to be able to compete with traditional systems, creating a solid foundation for blockchain startups in the future.

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Dragon Labs

DragonLabs incubate program is aimed at investing, creating a launch pad and supporting startups in games, metaverse, blockchain applications for real life. With an in-depth vision on completing the blockchain platform, a large and talented dev team, DragonLabs can support startups in mentoring, system development, fundraising, and integrate blockchain into projects.